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Home and Business Solutions

"Unlock the Possibilities of Your Home or Office with JR Auto Style's Professional Window Tint Solutions."



 Enhance the architectural appeal of a commercial building, saving money throughout the year on energy bills, increasing occupant's comfort, and protecting against property damage and loss.

Loft Livingroom


Protect your family and furnishings from fading due to UV rays. Our solar films will reduce glare and increase privacy while still allowing natural light to subtly filter into your space.

Office Corridor


JR Auto Style's decorative window films offer homeowners a chic and stylish way to customize their windows. With a wide selection of patterns and colors to suit any style, you can create the perfect look for your

home or office.

Automotive Service options

"Revamp Your Ride with JR Auto Style's Automotive Film Options"

Sports Car

Black Film

Our Black Film is designed to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, while also blocking out 99% of UV rays and providing a scratch-resistant coating. With superior quality and unbeatable prices, we guarantee you'll be satisfied with your purchase.

Sport Car

Black Ceramic

We have a wide selection of films that can provide you with both style and functionality. Our Black Ceramic Film blocks out 99% of UV Rays and 60% of heat rejection. Additionally, we ensure that your vehicle will stay looking great for years to come. 

Car Touchpad

Ceramic i3

We understand the importance of keeping your car looking good and staying cool. That’s why our BEST film is our Ceramic i3 film. Not only blocks out 99% UV Rays, but also has a

multi-layer ceramic which blocks out 94% of Heat Rejection. 

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